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Estrella is her. Magnificent sailboat of 60 feet (18 meters) which, after having spent two years high perched on these 6 meters of bers at Port Napoléon, is quivering with desire to start its new life. Split the waves of the whole world to make discovering the joys of navigation to a maximum of people by wearing loud and clear the colors of inclusion .

This Sunreef 60S aluminum hull offers wonderful sailing perspectives , especially in the southern seas to go ice titillating… Discover the navigation program here.

Estrella immediately adopted her new crew, who fell in love at first sight.

To bring him from the south of France to his new home port of La Rochelle, we were four brave sailors and Olivia, her shipowner on wheels. (Read the article, the epic of the ascent).

During the ten days of navigation that the lift will have taken, she will have proven herself, confirming our first impression: she is a fast boat, very maneuverable and surprisingly comfortable at all speeds.

It now remains to carry out the work to make it accessible to people with disabilities. Because its vocation is to take on board in the best possible conditions those and those wishing to discover the happiness of sailing, trying to take into account the specific needs of each, we have planned innovative arrangements to adapt a activity that seems at first sight inaccessible to a person with a disability.


We want the boat to be accessible to people with reduced mobility with maximum autonomy .

To do this, we imagined a system of rails on the ceiling inside the boat, which, using harnesses, will secure the movements in case of heel and will also allow a suspended movement, inspired by climbing systems. This system can be used by people with disabilities such as non-disabled.

In addition to the square banners, two cabins will be accessible for PRMs .

To go from the interior to the exterior deck of the boat, we have provided a platform system on an electric jack. It keeps the descent in good condition and facilitates access for able-bodied people as well as with disabilities.

On the outside deck, in order to be able to steer the ship easily, we have planned to install two bucket seats with backrest and velcro belt, very comfortable and secure in the event of heavy seas. These seats have already proven themselves on Cap Handi (integrate link) and HandiAbord (integrate link), we will resume their casts.

We also provide an aluminum railing with rail and bucket seat to allow everyone to go around the boat, as close to the water, to observe cetaceans!

Because the best expertise comes from the main stakeholders, we organized, as soon as we arrived in La Rochelle, a think tank with representatives of different disabilities (visual, motor ...)

Today there is no 60-foot sailboat with a system of this type, we will offer a real novelty in marine accessibility !




NB: Due to the lockdown, the development work has been suspended and will resume as soon as possible. We will publish here a video of the layouts so that you can project yourself.

Navigation & adapted activities

Always in this desire to offer united adventures bringing together

precious ingredients of solidarity, discovery, adventure and

surpassing oneself, Estrella Lab, in addition to an innovative handicap layout,

wish to be able to offer adapted activities. For this, one of the goals of

Estrella Lab is to equip the ship with adapted sports equipment to allow 

people with disabilities to go and explore natural environments during



The mountains and the sea are magnificent environments but very often difficult to access for people with reduced mobility. If hiking and long walks along the beaches are very complicated, there are other ways to explore these environments.

These activities (with less impact on the environment) are a great way to explore them while reconnecting with nature, your body and your mind.


Paragliding offers a unique feeling of freedom. Once in the air, we are all at the same level, the handicap is forgotten, we enter the world of birds! Whether it is practiced alone (yes, even in a wheelchair it is possible!) or in tandem flight  accompanied by a professional, it allows you to discover a site seen from the sky. Flying over the mountain, especially when access is difficult, is simply magical. We would like to equip Estrella with a flight chair.


Kayaking is an excellent tool for going along the beaches and going to the

discovery of small coves, caves and “beacher” on a beach to go swimming. It offers great freedom and can be practiced in pairs, which makes it possible for a person whose physical conditions do not allow to sail alone, to still enjoy it while participating physically in the activity. Teamwork ! There are adaptations allowing better support for people for

which the balance is difficult as for those whose grip is not sufficient to correctly maintain the paddles in the hands.

In addition to an inflatable kayak, we will try to have these adaptations on board.


And one day scuba diving equipment ...

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