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After four months spent in the West Indies, Estrella and her crew are about to begin their return crossing to the Azores

One of the many nice things about a sailboat crossing is being cut off from the outside world.

And it can sometimes create some surprises at the arrival.

Imagine what the people who were at sea during the announcement of the first confinement must have felt when they arrived on land... Masked people, deserted streets, being confined after a long navigation.... SCARY !

If today we can equip ourselves with a satellite antenna to read the weather files, to receive e-mails and to call in case of emergency, we don't surf on the net like at home, besides we don't want to.

But we can have a lot of fun!

What is the Transat Fake News Contest?

Send us your best fake news of what could happen in the world during our crossing, we will read them with greed at sea and the author of the one we like the most (in all subjectivity) will be invited to embark for a little trip from La Rochelle on board the Star!

To participate:

➡︎ Share the contest on your social networks

➡︎ Send us your crunchy Transat Fake News to and copy:

IMPORTANT: no attachments in the email, no photo, no signature, no file, we're data limited!

🙃😀 Don't hesitate to be CREATIVE, DRUPY, UTOPIST, OFF-beat 🙃😀

Make us dream, make us laugh!

And to follow the evolution of the boat go here :

See you soon for the next adventures!

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