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After several months spent in the West Indies, Estrella is getting ready to return home!
Departure planned on May 1st towards the Azores and then La Rochelle!

To cross the Atlantic under sail is to discover another universe, to learn to play with the elements to move around, to apprehend time and distances differently, to disconnect from one's usual way of life and to learn to live with others.

Being in front of an ocean as far as the eye can see while living in promiscuity with a crew does not leave anyone indifferent. You live at the rhythm of the boat and the watches, which you sometimes take at sunrise, sometimes under the stars, and you marvel at the skies that are never the same.


Slices of life whispered in the intimacy of the night while the others are sleeping, moments (of the utmost importance!) of meals shared with the whole crew, finally reading that book that has been lying on the night table for ages and swallowing others, adapting to an environment that can sometimes be hostile, accepting constraints because we chose them, becoming aware of our water and energy consumption (you'll see, back on land you won't turn on your tap in the same way! ) and understand how a boat works...

In short, it is a magical experience

Where mutual help and respect for others is essential. Maybe even more so with a disabled crew.

On board, everyone participates according to their abilities. Taking the watch, daily maintenance of the boat, preparation of good food, washing up, all kinds of odd jobs, help with transfers... Everyone has a role to play!

So, tempted by the open sea?

Back in pictures of the 1st stage La Rochelle - Tenerife.

Video editing Valérie Montoriol

Registration is officially open:


1st stage : Guadeloupe - The Acores :15j

☆ Boarding : 31/04

☆ Departure : May 1st subject to weather conditions

☆ Arrival: 15/05

☆ Disembarkation: 17/11 morning

Rate: please contact us

2nd stage : Les Acores - La Rochelle : 10d

☆ Boarding: 25/05

☆ Departure :26/05 subject to weather conditions

☆ Arrival : 05/06

☆ Disembarkation : 06/06

Rate : contact us

For more information do not hesitate to contact us:

Mail: /

Phone : 06 48 09 30 33

See you soon !


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